Agriculture Perspective Plan [25]

○ Developed a long term plan for agriculture sector

○ Accounted for the linkage with forestry

REDD+ can learn from the interlinkages of agri-forest-livestock production systems.


Revision of Forest Act, 1993 [26]

○ Developed control mechanism for violation of Operational Plan by forest user groups (FUG)

○ Provision for spending the FUG fund in various developmental activities

Highly relevant to REDD+, this needs to be accommodated with the current PPPs, especially the payment mechanism development for REDD+.


1. Revision of CF Directives, 1994; 2. Revision of Forest Policy [27]

○ Provision for compulsory inclusion of growing stock of CF and annual allowable cut in Operational Plan

○ Collaborative management of national forests on the basis of landscape planning approach

Important for REDD+ to get to the MRV process right cost-effectively. Needs to be tailed according to the need of proposed REDD+.


Revised Forest Policy [28]

○ Management of degraded and open forest areas in Siwalik and Terairegions

Important for REDD+ strategy in the Terai part of the country.


Nepal Biodiversity Strategy [29]

○ Development of Strategies to increase/conserve Biodiversity

○ Linkage with forest conservation

Little relevancy to REDD+, but the joint additional ecosystem service of BD can be claimed in the future.


Leasehold Forest Policy [30]

○ Simplified the process of handing over national forest to the private sector

○ Developed criteria for handing over Leasehold Forests

Relevant to REDD+ in the case of leasehold forests management situation, but REDD+ issues need to be included in the present policy.


Herbs and NTFP Development Policy [31]

○ Provisions for conservation, management and utilization of non-timber forest product (NTFP)

○ Linkage with forest management

Not directly relevant, but NTFP and REDD+ credit enhancement through more biomass growth can be planned with right mix of species in the ecosystem.


Community Forestry Guidelines [32]

○ Provision for including women, marginalize peoples and sustainable forest products harvest

Highly relevant to include IPs and marginalized groups in the REDD+ processes.