Activity 12

Goal: Write a dairy on what the students did last day off.

(1) Which of these activities do you not want to do on your next day off? Rank them (1 - 5) (Number 1 is the activity you dislike most).


a. a. watch TV with friends ____ d. take a class _______

b. b. sleep late ______ e. help mom and dad _______

c. c. go for a drive _______

Students have the opportunity to get familiar with phrases and words that are useful to fulfill the task.

(3) Discuss the answers of (1) in pairs as follows:


A: On my next day off, I don’t want to go for a drive. That sounds really boring.

B: Oh, really? I think that sounds fun.


(6) Students are asked to listen to what Tina and Tony did on their last day off. Tick the items that they did.


helped mom and dad

slept late

went for a drive

went camping in the rain




(9) Listen again. Who said these things about their day off? Write Tony or Tina.

1. It was really boring.


2. The weather was terrible.


3. Sounds like a busy day off!


4. Can you believe it?


What was your last day off like? Was it a good day or a terrible day? Discuss with your partner.

Read the letter. Take notes of the things Nick did that day. Then write one or two sentences to give your opinion about the day.

Students are asked to read a letter on what Nick did on his day off.

Imagine that you are Tom and this is a letter from you to Nick. Fill in the blanks.

Dear Nick,

Thanks for your letter. I’m sorry you didn’t have fun on your day off. My day off was ________. I went _____________, and I visited __________. It was _________. We saw _________. I bought __________. It was a really ___________day. See you soon.



Now write a letter about what you did on your last day off.

(Nunan. D. (1999). Go for it: Book 2 (pp. 50-51). Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers.)

This activity is a goal-oriented task, which includes a number of small tasks. In order to complete the task, students have to pay attention to the meaning and use more linguistic forms than just simple past tense.

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