Activity 11

After reading Ben’s scrapbook, now look at the following calendar. Find out some special events in your friends’ lives.

(Yu, V., & McNeill, A. (2005). Step up: Book 3B (p. 14). Hong Kong: Educational Publishing House Ltd.)

Task goal: Work in groups to make a scrapbook of your friends.


1) Each student thinks of three special events.

2) Students write the name and the date of each event in the correct month on the calendar. Then they write what they did and draw pictures.

3) Give each student a piece of paper. Students have to ask at least three friends to talk about one special event. Students jot down the dates and what their friends did.

4) Students write about their friends’ special events on the calendar with the help of the notes they have taken.

5) Students take turns to tell the special events of their friends.

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Activity 12

Step 1

Work in pairs and listen as your instructor reads a short narration about what Richard did last Saturday.

Step 2

In your pairs, give as many details as you can remember by completing the following sentences. The group with the most details wins. You have three minutes.

1) Richard jumped out _______________________________.

2) Richard needed ___________________to wake up fully.

3) He wanted to go back to sleep but remembered ______________.

(Benati, A. G., & Lee, J. F. (2008). Grammar Acquisition and Processing Instruction: Secondary and Cumulative Effects (p. 182). Bristol; Buffalo: Multilingual Matters.)

In this activity, students in pairs listen to a short narration about what Richard did last Saturday. Next, they need to give as many details as they can remember by filling in the blanks within the time limit. As there are no adverbial phrases (e.g. “yesterday”, “last night”) functioning as hints, students should pay attention to the past tense marker -ed.

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