Sets × Reps



-both knees straight

-arms straight, both on the ground as shown in picture.

-move arms forward and backwards like a walking motion.

-keep back and legs straight.

5 sets of 15 seconds


-maintain position shown in picture.

-feet pointed up, knee straight while other is bent

-maintain 90-degree angle of hips as shown in the picture

5 sets of 15 seconds


Legs spread out wide open. Both hands touch one foot then make way to the other feet by maintaining position shown in picture.

Move like a clock.

Upper body bends forward in each hour of a clock (only between the legs.)

5 sets of 15 seconds


-start in lunge position, front leg toes touching the wall.

-(left feet in front) both hands hold the wall on the right side

-body leans towards the left.

-left knee pushes out.

-body should feel like it’s hanging.

5 sets of 15 seconds each side


-one knee extended and the other bent while keeping the feet flat on the ground.

-legs wide open as shown in picture

-both hands on the ground and move the body using the hands like a walking pattern

-start from left foot to right foot. Then repeat in opposite direction.

5 sets of 15 seconds each side