- Have you thought about the physical needs of students?

Yes, run, jump, play, …

- If yes, in what context/when?

- During the warm-up, in a physiological context


- Did you give other instructions before acting?

- Yes, relaxation instructions, recovery after exercise


- What was the purpose of your warm-up?

- Stretch, soften and strengthen muscle groups

- If yes, which ones?

- The deltoid, rhomboid, Deltoid, rhomboid, quadriceps


- Have you thought of other goals before making your choice of action?

- No


- Do you have expectations about the consequences of your action?

- Yes

If yes, which ones?

To make them understand that I was not satisfied with their answers, but also that the work in autonomy, without my intervention, does not exempt from work. Also, know that they are not doing the required task seriously, they are doing it again.


- Describe in a few words the chosen action: How did you act?

- We introduced ourselves to the students serene and strong to tell them that they were going to warm up again because they had not done it properly.