- What is the situation chosen and how do you describe it?

- The setting is the chosen situation. It was done according to the teaching style “non-interference”. We call it “Inactivity”.


- Have you thought about the importance of the situation?

- Yes

- Is the situation important to you?

- Very important

- Why does the situation matter?

- It allows students to be in physical condition, to avoid muscle, ligament and joint accidents


- Have you thought about the causes of the evolution of this situation?

- Yes


- Have you thought about the critical incident of the Physical Education and Sports lesson?

- Yes


- What types of emotions did you notice during the course of the situation?

Courage, fear, stress, composure, fair play

- Has your emotional situation been dominated by the student’s behaviour?

Yes, by the way of performing the proposed motor tasks

- If so, how did you feel during the critical incident (adjective/term)?

- Curious, enthusiastic with the desire to realize, to demonstrate a motor image