Project Content

Hazard Category

1. Poisoning caused by toxic and harmful gases or chemicals

2. Fire caused by aging of electrical equipment or circuit

3. Explosion caused by high pressure container or chemical

4. The environmental pollution caused by the waste liquid after the experiment

5. Various personal injuries caused by improper human operation

Inducing factor

1. Early warning and alarm facilities did not play a role

2. Volatilization of toxic and harmful gases

3. Improper experimental operation

4. Leakage of containers storing chemicals, etc.

5. Improper handling of dangerous moments

6. Caused by unknown information such as missing chemical labels

7. Leakage caused by damage to containers containing flammable and explosive substances

8. Fire caused by overload and short circuit of electrical equipment

9. Physical Explosion Caused by Overpressure of High Pressure Gas Vessel

10. Artificial use of fire or improper operation in the laboratory

11. During the experiment, the experimenters were not on the spot, and there was a lack of first time disposal opportunities.

12. Laboratory personnel use electrical appliances in violation of regulations

Possible consequences

Personnel poisoning, even death and property loss

Precautionary measured

1. Strengthen the operation training of laboratory personnel

2. Regularly check the safe use of electricity in the laboratory

3. Regular maintenance of fire safety facilities

4. Easy to send for inspection regularly

5. Strengthen the Control of Precursor and Explosive Chemicals

6. The system of holding safety certificates shall be implemented for the laboratory personnel.