Very little




Not at all


A lot


Very much

1) Were your expectations met by the subject of the training program?

2) Are you satisfied with the duration of the training program in relation to your educational needs?

3) Do you think the knowledge you gained from this training will be useful in your work?

4) Do you feel that you developed new competences/skills as a result of the training program?

5) Did the instructions given to you by the instructors help you organize your office?

6) When carrying out your work, to what extent do you apply the instructions given by the training?

7) Please rate how satisfied you were with the training program overall.

8) In the context of this training, to what extent are you satisfied with your cooperation with the Regional Department of Human Resources Development & Education?

9) Do you think there are other modules that you should attend both for your personal development and for the better performance of your official duties? If so, state which ones (up to 3 answers).

10) In our effort to organize the training activities of the personnel of the Region of Crete, we would like your opinion, as well as your suggestions (up to 3 answers).