Project 4-Standard


While climbing onto the side of the 50-ton truck to fuel up, I felt a deep pain on the side of my right knee.


I drove the truck over a rock (not seen because it was in a blind spot) in a curve and my body hit the inside of the CAXXX. Pain in the back, neck and right knee.


I drove over a rock and my head hit the cabin ceiling violently. Bad neck pain.


While stepping down from the truck, I stepped on a rock with my left foot and twisted my ankle and felt an intense strain in the calf muscle.


While stepping down from the truck, the door closed on my thumb. Crushed right thumb, nail turned black.


While negotiating a turn, employee X drove the 50-ton truck over a 2' × 2' rock, banged his head against the cabin ceiling and went into the front wall near the electric bay. Pain in the neck and shoulders.


While getting into the truck, I grabbed the handle and felt a burning pain in my right shoulder.


Driving the CAXXX with the seatbelt attached, I entered level X and drove over a hole, giving me a jolt in the lower back and top of the neck because of the belt.


While trying to hang up the microphone of the radio in the CAXXX, I cut my right index finger on the rack that holds the microphone.