Supporting Extracts

Listen and understand

・ “All people who undergo/experiences that situation go through the process of grief. The best thing we could do as nurses during the phases is to listen, understand their feelings and have empathy with them”.

・ “…nurses should be sensitive and give more understanding”.

・ “… be sensitive with their feelings, let them show their emotions and listening with them”.

Showing empathy

・ “…they are demanding in some ways and you need to understand them by showing empathy”.

Providing holistic care

・ “In dealing with patients when providing end-of-life care, I usually provide extra care and attention to them without compromising the nursing care for other patients. It is goal oriented and patient-and-family centered because as a nurse you must deliver nursing care in a holistic approach”.

・ “Another measure I used to employ is serving my patient holistically. All life aspects is always considered in the delivery of care so I make sure that everything that my patient needs would be given so that if then that life is not anymore possible for him/her at least in my hands he/she have died a dignified death”.

Being spiritual

・ “The adaptive measure I utilized in overcoming these challenges is being spiritual. I pray and offer to the Lord whatever fate my patient would have and pray that the family would be able to accept the possible outcome that their patient might end”.

Being aware of the role as caregiver

・ “…by maintaining professional boundaries with patients and relatives and being aware of my role as a health care provider”.