Supporting Extracts

Demanding relatives

・ “Sometimes they (patient relatives) demand a lot of services from you that as if you are not doing your job”.

・ “One of the major challenges I have encountered is the pressure from the relatives. They wanted all procedure to be done in a short period of time and without pain as much as possible. As a nurse you have to meet all the expectations of the patients and the relatives”.

Curses and shouts at nurses

・ “…cursing the nurses when they feel they are not satisfied with how you serve their patients”.

・ “…shouts and screams at the staffs when their patient suddenly or already arrested”.

Blaming the nurse

・ “The challenges I experienced if they could hardly accept the fact, the family and patient is in denial and keep on blaming somebody”.

Feeling emotional

・ “…cries literally on your shoulder when they feel that their patient is slowly regressing”.

・ “One of the few challenges I have encountered when dealing with the patient and their relatives is to be strong and not to show off any signs of pity to both the patient and the relatives. It is hard to see someone, whether related to you or not, to be on the verge of dying. It is hard to keep the emotion of loneliness to see someone battling for his own life. Being in contact with the patient makes the sorrow and the pain indirectly connected to you and remaining strong and numb to the situation makes life challenging”.

Seeing the face of your late loved ones on the patient

・ “There are times that you may see the faces of your late loved ones who also suffered the same condition as your patient”.