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Susan Mary Benbow

“Patient and carer participation in old age psychiatry in England. Part II: models of participation”

International Psychogeriatrics. 2012, 24, 185-196.


Old age psychiatry Review

Models of participation is reviewed.



Participation is a spectrum

Older adults

Staff/Patient/ carers

Participation is similar status, shared power, equality of influence over the agenda.


Erika Leemann Price, Sylvia Bereknyei, Alma Kuby, Wendy Levinson, Clarence Henry Braddock

“New elements for informed decision making: A qualitative study of older

adults’ views”

Patient Education and Counseling, 2012, 86, 335-341.


Senior centers and nursing homes

5 focus group interviews with 59 older adults 65 ? 85 and older years

Patient participation

Informed decision making

Older patients- physician

Inviting the involvement of trusted others and exploring the impact of the decision in the context of the patient’s life.


Christina Foss

“Elders and patient participation revisited―a discourse analytic

approach to older persons’ reflections on patient participation”

Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2011, 20, 2014-2022.


At home 1 - 2 weeks after discharge from hospital

In depth interviews 18 older adults (10 men, 8 women) 80 - 92 years.

Patient participation

Participation means balancing your own needs against the need of others

Patients-health care staff

Being heard requires self-confidence to be able to participate. Participation depended on the hospital’s pace. Participation is not practiced in a direct and outspoken manner but in subtle ways, not as a right but as an opportunity and it need strategies and self-confidence from the older adults to gaining influence.


Christina Foss, Dag Hofoss

“Elderly persons’ experiences of participation in hospital discharge process”

Patient Education and Counseling, 2011, 85, 68-73.


Hospital discharge process

interviews via questionnaires with 254 older adults 80+

mean age 86,9 years


Participation is co-deciding

Patients-health care staff

The majority of the older adults did not experience real participation. They want to influence different examinations and treatments.

Being able to co-decide in the discharge process.


Rebecca Johnson, Lori L. Popejoy and M. Elise Radina

“Older Adults’ participation in nursing home placement decisions”

Clinical Nursing Research,

2010, 19, 358-375.


Nursing home relocation

Semi structured interviews with 16 older adults 60 - 97 years (9 women, 7 men)


Decision-making participations

Patients-family, friends others

Older adults’ participation in the nursing home relocation decision.

Being involved in your decision making when relocating to a nursing home.

Some of the older adults reported that they have a total or some participations in the decision-making about mowing to a nursing home others reported from minimal to no participation.