Meaning unit

Connecting the meaning unit in themes


Main themes

“I’m not good at handling interpersonal relations”.

“I have never learned to take responsibility or initiative when dealing with other human beings”.

Shortcomings in relationships with other persons

They lack knowledge about relational contact

Challenges to handle the relational aspect in daily work that is hard to identify with

The struggle to handle the core dimension of the daily work

“Ì try to avoid long conversation with the patients”. “I only want to talk about somatic disease”.

“At times I don’t like the idea of going to work when I know I need to work with colleagues with whom I have little contact. I am only able to identify with colleagues who view things the way I do”.

Trying to avoid talking about themes they don’t want to handle

They also try to avoid persons they don’t identify with

Distance from relationally demanding situations in daily work