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Thinkhamrop et al. 2013 [13]

Cochrane Review

Effectiveness and safety of antibiotic prophylaxis compared to placebo or no treatment in women undergoing transcervical intrauterine procedures

Systematic search in different medical databases, a.o. Pubmed

No RCT’s available, so no trials were included

No conclusion can be drawn

Nappi et al. 2013 [1]

Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study to assess incidence of infectious complications and the protective effect of antibiotic administration during operative hysteroscopic procedures in an office setting

Reference group treated with 1gram cefazoline i.m., study group treated with placebo 10 mL NaCl solution. Primary outcome: difference between two groups in postoperative infectious complications within 5 days postoperative

1046 women included; 523 in study group, 523 in reference group. Postoperative infections: 12/1046 (=1.15%) women had infectious complications: 7 in reference group, 5 in study group (ns, p > 0.05)

It is recommended not to prescribe routine antibiotic administration in the case of hysteroscopic surgery

Bhattacharya et al. 1995 [14]

Effect of prophylactic antibiotics on the incidence of bacteraemia following hysteroscopy

Prospective randomised study. Patients: 106 women endometrial laser ablation or transcervical resection of endometrium intervention: 55 women 1200 mg Augmentin iv, 61 women no antibiotic treatment. Blood culture after procedure.

Infection in untreated group: 16% vs 2% in antibiotic prophylaxis group (significant difference). Study prematurely ended. Eventually no difference in clinically postoperative infectious manifestations

There is no convincing evidence that antibiotics are of value in this clinical setting

Morrill et al. 2013 [15]

To critically review gynaecology-specific data regarding surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in selected benign gynaecologic surgeries

Review including RCT’s on benign gynaecological surgeries other than hysterectomy in which antibiotic prophylaxis is compared to placebo or no antibiotic treatment

Only one article included on hysteroscopy: article by Bhattacharya et al. 1995

There is no convincing evidence that antibiotics are of value in this clinical setting