Action/Policy Idea: Sharers

Target Population/Institution



Demand Side (but note that Supply and Demand Sides are Intertwined)

Promote Wills or Legacy Arrangements

Sharer stakeholders; Sibling stakeholders; Elderly parents

Aim is to: 1) Preempt disputes between legitimate

stakeholders through pre-death assignment of ownership

2) Provide for clarity of ownership or residency rights of future owners and sharers;

3) to remove obstacles to the incentives

to invest in improvements and additions, etc.

Jiménez & Camargo, 2015;

Ward et al., 2015.

Grajeda, 2015;

Jiménez et al., 2019.

Promote new types of shared ownership

Sharer stakeholders

Condominio familiar;

Patrimonio familiar;

Agreed user rights (usufruct);

Donoso, 2018; Jiménez et al., 2019.

Supply Side

Grants and subsidies

Informal settlement owners and sharers with long tern aspirations to remain on lot

Financial support tied to improving housing especially for 2nd and 3rd family units; with options to tie to future ownership (shared or otherwise) rights;

And/or for creating rental opportunities on site (see above) Aim is to improve quality of accommodations especially for 2nd and 3rd units while also regularizing future ownership.

Jiménez & Camargo, 2015

Extend regularization and

property registration 1)


To enable later sub division

and inheritance

Jiménez & Camargo, 2015

Extend regularization and property registration 2)

Owners primarily

Allows for credits and supports to modify the dwelling

Jiménez et al., 2019.