Expansion of self-built rentals

Informal settlement landlords

Encourage expansion of rooms in self building

(residence and commerce)—for rent and income earning

Gilbert, 2003

Micro credits


Encouraging landlords to add renting into their dwelling units; especially when tied to regularization and upgrading programs

Gilbert, 2012b

Gilbert, 2003

Housing Rehab Programs

Landlords (and even tenants)

As part of rehab include improving spaces that might become rental units; and/or convert that of

adult of children who have left

Jimenez & Camargo, 2015

Gilbert, 2003

Campaigns to improve

awareness of the importance of renting

Govts. NGOs; General Public.

Publicity and information campaigns to promote

understanding of renting and dispel stereotypes about landlordism and rental housing as a problem. Debunking the myth (Gilbert) Social mobilization

(rent associations; etc.)

Jimenez & Camargo, 2015

Gilbert, 2003

Focus upon vacant housing and vacant lots

Landlords in the center;

Informal landlords (often) in the periphery

Programs of eminent domain; sequestration to

convert vacant builds for reuse (renting or otherwise)

Jimenez & Camargo, 2015