Action/Policy Idea: Renters

Target Population/Institution



Supply Side

Chapter 3 of Blanco et al.

Blanco et al., 2014

Promote production and supply of rental housing opportunities:

Low-income owners

“Plan Terrazas”, Colombia supports to expand

dwellings (and improve quality); but also encouraged renting as a partial

Jimenez & Camargo, 2015

Decrease favoring ownership

Govt policies

Move away from idea that owner occupation

is a universal goal…

Gilbert; 2003; Blanco et al., 2014

Buy to let (e.g. UK)

Promoted by public sector target private sector investors:

Need to ensure that investment return on a par or greater than other investments (tax framework below)

Blanco et al., 2013

Tax incentives (a)

Informal settlement landlords

Probably not paying taxes so tied to regularization; but would be waiver or tax reduction on incomes

Blanco et al., 2013

Gilbert; 2003

Tax incentives (b)

Larger scale formal sector developers

Tax incentives; Tax Credits

Blanco et al., 2013

Grants and subsidies

Landlords smaller scale landlords, petty landlord-tenant arrangements

Financial support tied to expanding and/or improving quality dwelling units on or off site. Maybe loans that are forgiven; or low interest subsidies. Aim is to promote rental opportunities,

and improve quality of accommodations.

Blanco et al., 2013

Urban development planning

Developers; Private public partnerships; Housing Coops etc.

Urban development concessions

(planning permissions; land pooling, land swaps etc.); mixed residential development programs etc.,

Blanco et al., 2013

Relax Building standards

Landlords, Local Govts.

Often standards are too high and minimum standards will do. But must be measured against risk (earthquakes; landslides etc.) Appropriate regulatory environment.

Gilbert 2003

Expand Political Support and Incentives to NGOs and Housing Cooperatives

Housing Cooperatives; NGOs

Reduce red tape and regulatory restrictions; provide credit and financial supports. Goal is to expand rental housing as a platform for short and medium-term renters (aspiring to become owners)

Blanco et al., 2013

Encourage a social housing sector


That targets renters primarily

(as in Europe traditionally):

Create opportunities for renting in “failing” mass social interest housing at the periphery


Jiménez, 2014

Insurance and Support to landlords

Petty landlords in informal settlements

Support & incentives for registration of contracts with tenants that also provide safeguards to evict;

maybe gain compensation for damages etc.

Blanco et al., 2013

Gilbert; 2012ª;

Gilbert; 2003

Insurance and Support to landlords

Landlords in formal sector; Insurance companies Rental Guarantee Insurance (e.g. FGA, Uruguay); Gov and NGO institutions.

Promote participation of insurance schemes that will pay land lord for income lost through the period of repossession after delinquency of payments.

Reduce transaction costs of renting and repossession

Blanco et al., 2013

Create Dispute Mechanisms for

handling conflict

Renters & Landlords; NGOs; University Legal Clinics etc.

Aim is to provide non-govt and non-judicial mechanisms that can: a) provide appropriate information to all parties; and b) can provide mediation and orientation services

Blanco et al., 2013

Gilbert; 2003

Rent Controls

Landlords & Tenants

Sets ceiling for rents & permitted periodic increases (tied to inflation);

Actions for modify existing (uneconomic)

rent control agreements (may “rent to own”?

Blanco et al., 2013

Gilbert, 2003