Target layer

Primary indicator

Secondary index

Tertiary index

Emergency capability of metro violent incidents A

Violent terrorism prevention ability B1

Monitoring early warning C1

Risk identification D1

Information sharing D2

Criminal investigation against terrorism D3

Safety inspection monitoring D4

Daily management C2

Anti-terrorist regime building D5

Professional team building D6

Safety facility construction D7

Counter-terrorism preparedness D8

Network security D9

Emergency training C3

Emergency skills training D10

metro anti-terrorism drill D11

Passenger safety publicity D12

Relief supplies preparation D13

Resource preparation C4

Standby strength configuration D14

Violent and dangerous alarm D15

Violent terrorism disposal ability B2

Fast response C5

On-site information sent to D16

Grade of attack identified as D17

Information public opinion guide D18

Field emergency decision D19

Emergency command C6

Field communication coordination D20

Emergency resource dispatch D21

Counter-terrorism site disposal D22

Emergency rescue C7

Emergency linkage rate D23

Social Emergency Rescue D24

Emergency communication support D25

Logistics support management D26

Emergency awareness of violence and terrorism D27

Public response C8

Violent terrorist response D28

Psychological recovery from violence and fear D29

Accident site cleaning D30

Violent terrorism recovery ability B3

Restoration construction C9

metro resumed operation D31

Reconstruction of counter-terrorism facilities D32

Life and property compensation D33

Loss assessment C10

Property loss assessment D34

Investigation of violent terrorist incidents D35

Summarize and analyze C11

Emergency rescue assessment D36

Counter-terrorism plan revision D37

Anti-terrorist exercise Assessment D38