Brooklyn Metro, New York City, USA


Dozens injured

A fire broke out in the subway. Dozens of passengers were sent to the hospital for treatment due to smoke inhalation


New York City Subway

Explosive gas

6 injured

Unexplained substance emits odor gas after explosion, and immediately smokes 6 subway pipeline operators


Hong Kong MTR Admiralty Station


14 injured

A mental patient ignites flammable liquids based on revenge mentality


Russia Moscow City Metro

Suicide explosion

50 dead and 130 injured

At peak hours of work, terrorists used 4 to 5 kilograms of TNT explosives to carry out terrorist attacks


Madrid City Metro, Spain

Chain explosion

190 dead and 1500 injured

In the morning, 10 explosive incidents occurred in the four commuter trains. The attacks were carried out by al-Qaida terrorist organizations


Moscow City Metro Station, Russia

Suicide explosion

10 dead and 51 injured

A female suicide attacker detonates explosives on the crowded subway station


London, UK Metro

Chain explosion

52 dead and more than 700 injured

Six subway stations in London were blasted during morning peaks


Russia Moscow City Metro

Suicide explosion

41 dead and more than 70 injured

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up during Moscow's peak commuting period


China Guangzhou Metro Line 5


4 injured

A arsonist lit a small gas tank


Minsk, Belarus Metro

Bomb explosion

15 dead and 204 injured

The two attackers first placed home-made bombs under a seat in the subway platform. When the train entered the station, the remote bomb was used to detonate the bomb


Taipei Jiangzi Cui Station

Knife attack

4 dead and 21 injured

The attackers chose to commit crimes on the Taipei MRT Bannan line with numerous crowds


Cairo Metro, Egypt

Chain explosion

5 injured

The attacker placed the explosive device in the trash can of the subway platform in advance and detonated during the morning crowding of the peak passengers.


China Guangzhou Wanshengwei Subway Station

Knife attack

2 injured

An attacker slams two passengers with a kitchen knife and flees


Flyover near Istanbul metro station, Turkey


1 dead and 1 injured

A sudden explosion occurred during the busy hours of the evening and the bomb made by the “earth-made iron pipe bomb”.


Metro station near EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

Chain explosion

15 dead and 10 injured

About three terrorists make three consecutive explosions during peak hours


Hong Kong MTR Tsuen Wan Line


1 dead and 18 injured

A psychiatric patient burns a self-ignition oxidant


St. Petersburg, Russia Metro

Suicide explosion

16 dead and more than 50 injured

Premeditated terrorist attacks may be associated with religious extremist groups