Items included

Cereals-Excluding Beer

Wheat; Rice (Milled Equivalent); Barley; Maize; Rye; Oats; Millet; Sorghum; Cereals, Other.

Starchy Roots

Cassava; Potatoes; Sweet Potatoes; Yams; Roots, Other.

Sugar Crops

Sugar Cane; Sugar Beet.

Sugar & Sweeteners

Sugar, Non-Centrifugal; Sugar (Raw Equivalent); Sweeteners, Other; Honey.


Beans; Peas; Pulses, Other.

Tree Nuts

Oil Crops

Soyabeans; Groundnuts (Shelled Equation); Sunflowerseed; Rape and Mustardseed; Cottonseed; Coconuts-Incl Copra; Sesameseed; Palmkernels; Olives; Oilcrops, Other.

Vegetable Oils

Soyabean Oil; Groundnut Oil; Sunflowerseed Oil; Rape and Mustard Oil; Cottonseed Oil; Palmkernel Oil; Palm Oil; Coconut Oil; Sesameseed Oil; Olive Oil; Ricebran Oil; Maize Germ Oil; Oilcrops Oil, Other.


Tomatoes; Onions; Vegetables, Other.

Fruits-Excluding Wine

Oranges, Mandarines; Lemons, Limes; Grapefruit; Citrus, Other; Bananas; Plantains; Apples; Pineapples; Dates; Grapes; Fruits, Other


Coffee; Cocoa Beans; Tea.


Pepper; Pimento; Cloves; Spices, Other.

Alcoholic Beverages

Wine; Beer; Beverages, Fermented; Beverages, Alcoholic; Alcohol, Non-Food.


Bovine Meat; Mutton & Goat Meat; Pig Meat; Poultry Meat; Meat, Other.


Animal Fats

Butter, Ghee; Cream; Fats, Animals, Raw; Fish, Body Oil; Fish, Liver Oil.


Milk-Excluding Butter

Fish, Seafood

Freshwater Fish; Demersal Fish; Pelagic Fish; Marine Fish, Other; Crustaceans; Cephalopods; Molluscs, Other.

Aquatic Products, Other

Meat, Aquatic Mammals; Aquatic Animals, Others; Aquatic Plants.