Methods applied to on-line context

Methods applied to social context


The tool “Personas” allows building a prototype of single user. The prototype represents the desires of users

The tool “Ethnographic research” allows the identification of social groups in terms of needs of users and relative service


The instrument “Cognitive walkthrough” allows the Personas to walk into the service and define each stage of the on-line service

The instruments of “Stakeholder Map” and “Touch Points Map” allows students to elaborate and develop more complex conceptions/attitudes of the users respect the service hypothesized


The definition of “Indexes and Indicators” for the simulation of the hypothesized service

The definition of “Indexes and Indicators” for the analysis of the hypothesized service


The use of the Indexes and Indicators already defined represent the rings of feedback and dynamic analysis of data. Providing possible scenarios where to rethink the service if it doesn’t fit with user expectations/needs/desires