Key Systems & Skills


I. Belief System: the purpose principle primarily to define our levels of achievement and excellence.

I-a. Self-Esteem

The learned ability to view self as positive, competent, and successful in achieving personal goals.

I-b. Congruence

The learned ability to clarify important personal values related to goals and beliefs, as well as align behaviors and choices in a self-developing way

I-c. Self-Appreciation

The learned ability to value yourself positively and to be in touch with your strengths as a person

I-d. Self-Confidence

The learned ability to focus on competence and feel positive about your potential to perform effectively

II. Support System: the relationships principle and functions to provide support with others.

II-a. Assertion

The learned ability to communicate your needs and wants to others in a direct and honest manner.

II-b. Teambuilding

The learned ability to add synergy and contribute constructively in cohort activities.

II-c. Empathy

The learned ability to accurately understand the thoughts/feelings of others.

II-d. Leadership

The learned ability to affect positive influence in others.

III. Guidance System: the personal vision principle and intelligent self direction.

III-a. Personal Orientation

The learned ability to see oneself as a positive person with potential to continually learn and change.

III-b. Goal Setting

The learned ability to set clear and specific personal goals. Achievable goals provide focus for personal motivation.

III-c. Self-Control

The learned ability to exercise choice and control over the strength of your emotional responses.

IV. Balance System: the change principle which functions to maintain balance in our achievement and consistency in our performance and lives

IV-a. Decision Making

The learned ability to make good choices while being decisive.

IV-b. Stress Managment

The learned ability to positively manage stress while keeping yourself physically and emotionally healthy

V. Power System: the commitment principle, serving to supply direct energy for goal achievement. Internal motivation and focused energy leads to high levels of personal achievement and excellence.

V-a. Drive Strength

The learned ability to persist and accomplish goals that are meaningful and satisfying.

V-b. Self-Management

The learned ability to manage life and responsibilities proactively.