Work Load


Levels of Conscience and Reality

84 hours/class

1) Introduction to the holistic view

2) The states of conscience

3) Live or vegetate―the presence in daily life

4) The complete looking and listening

5) Conflict management

6) The passage visions

Ecology of being

84 hours/class

1) Old and new therapists

2) Rite and rituals: archetypal resonance

3) The nine faces of psyche

4) The four aspects of conscience

5) Body and energy awareness

New Paradigms

98 hours/class

1) Scientific bases to an unifying paradigm

2) Neuroscience: the light of transdisciplinarity

3) Brain, mind and the un-formed universe

4) Holistic transdisciplinary approach

5) Nutrition: knowing to change

6) Interactive experiences in the holistic transdisciplinary approach

Sapiens Traditions

28 hours/class

1) Trans religiosness

2) Brazilian ancestral tradition: sacred brazilian ancestral tradition


14 hours/class

1) Eco sustainability

2) Management and leadership in the holistic transdisciplinary approach

3) Ethics as sustainability guarantee

Scientific Methodology in the Holistic Transdisciplinary Approach

28 hours/class

1) Awareness construction in the holistic transdisciplinary approach

2) Awareness production in the holistic transdisciplinary approach

3) Guidance on the dissertation of the socialization of knowledge course: webbing the transdisciplinary net.