Phase 4―Severe/ Debilitating Cumulative Stress Reaction This phase is often considered “self-destructive” and tends to occur after 5 to 10 years of continued stress.

Ÿ Conflict with team mates and supervisors

Ÿ Lack of necessary training to perform a task (job)

Ÿ Mobility fears (phobias) (commuting and travel schedules)

Ÿ Traffic transportation

Ÿ Repetitive thought patterns

Ÿ Worrying about future events

Ÿ Unrealistic, and perfectionist expectations

Ÿ Over scheduling

Ÿ Failing to be assertive

Ÿ Procrastination or failing to plan ahead

Ÿ Demands―Employees indicate that they are not able to cope with demands of their job.

Ÿ Control―Employees indicate that they are not able to have a say about the way they do their work

Ÿ Support―Employees indicate that they receive adequate information and support from their colleagues and superiors.

Ÿ Relationships―Employees indicate that they are subjected to unacceptable behaviors, Bullying and harassment at work.

Ÿ Role―Employees indicate that they don’t understand their role and responsibility. There is role confusion.

Ÿ Change―Employees complain that the organizations do not carry them along frequently when there is an organizational change.

Ÿ Career Development―under-over promotion, career development opportunities

Ÿ Organizational structure/climate―favoritism in a place of meritocracy

Ÿ Work life balance―career and family (father working, mothe working, their problem taking care of the home front children)

Ÿ Financial state-

Ÿ Unrealistic expectation

Ÿ Ridged thinking, lack of flexibility

Ÿ All or nothing attitude

Ÿ School and exams

Ÿ Demands from boss

Ÿ Demands from spouse

Ÿ Extended family pressures

Ÿ Organizational affiliations pressure

Ÿ Accidents and disasters―land, air, water

Ÿ Armed robbery attacks

Ÿ Kidnapping experience

Ÿ Security force brutality―(police, army)

Ÿ Task force brutality―(LASTMA, KAI, V.I.O Road safety)

Ÿ Hoodlums activities―(Area boys, Opc, Agbero)

Ÿ Unfulfilled dreams

Ÿ Fuel scarcity

Ÿ Protests and strikes

Ÿ Relocation―wives/husband’s burden during relocation. [3] [19] [20]

Significant intervention from professionals.