Phase 1―Warning Early warning signs are often more emotional than physica and may take a year or more before they are noticeable.

Ÿ feelings of vague anxiety

Ÿ depression

Ÿ boredom

Ÿ apathy

Ÿ emotional fatigue

Ÿ talking about feelings

Ÿ taking a vacation

Ÿ making a change from regular activities

Ÿ taking time for yourself

Phase 2―Mild Symptoms Warning signs have progressed and intensified. Over a period of 6 to 18 months, physical signs may also be evident.

Ÿ sleep disturbances

Ÿ more frequent headaches/colds

Ÿ muscle aches

Ÿ intensified physical and emotional fatigue

Ÿ withdrawal from contact with others

Ÿ irritability

Ÿ intensified depression

Ÿ more aggressive lifestyle changes may be needed.

Ÿ short-term counseling