Unilateral external fixation

Ÿ operation time is less

Ÿ inexpensive

Ÿ reduced time in the hospital

Ÿ pin tract infection

Ÿ prolonged union time

Ÿ increased incidence of varus position of the fracture site

Ÿ inferior functional outcome

Ÿ good in stable fractures

Ÿ poor in unstable fractures

Dynamic hip screw

Ÿ rigid fixation

Ÿ good compression of the fracture site

Ÿ the incision length

Ÿ operation time

Ÿ blood loss and drainage

Gamma nail

Ÿ earlier rehabilitation

Ÿ the recovery of hip joint function is better

Ÿ the incidence of complications is less less surgical trauma, less screening time

Ÿ less blood loss

Ÿ early weight-bearing

Ÿ screw cut-out

Ÿ implant failure

Ÿ high cost of implant