Information provided


Disaster portal

・ Weather warning

・ Flood, haze, storm, landslide incident

http://portalbencana.mkn.gov.my/Portal/ (National Security Council, Prime Ministry Department)

Flood information

・ River and rainfall alarm, highland storm advisory

・ Landslide risk area, drought area, river and water level

http://infobanjir.water.gov.my/ (Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

Weather and climate forecast

・ Weather warnings (earthquake/tsunami), strong winds & rough seas, heavy rain and tropical cyclone & storm

・ Climate change monitoring

http://www.met.gov.my/ (Malaysian Meteorological Department, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation)

Air pollution index

・ Update Air Pollution Index (API)

・ National/local haze map

http://apims.doe.gov.my/v2/ (Department of Environment Malaysia, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

Public works

・ Public works services during type of disaster, e.g. building collapse, flood, landslide, etc.

http://bencanaalam.jkr.gov.my/v2/ (Public Works Department, Ministry of Works Malaysia)