Study population


Primary outcome

Acupuncture point

Ecevit et al.

Preterm infants (n = 10)

Breast milk only and breast milk and needle acupuncture

Crying duration during heel prick for blood gas analysis

Yintang point

Abbasoglu et al.

Preterm infants (n = 36)

Acupressure and routine care

Shorter procedural time and shorter crying time

BL60 and K3 points

Abbasoglu et al.

Term infants (n = 42)

Laser acupuncture and oral sucrose solution

Shorter procedure time and longer crying time and worse NIPS scores

Yintang point

Tugcu et al.

Term infants

(n = 17)


Neonatal skin perfusion, oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

Yintang point