The developed countries and regions

Emerging markets


The United States, Japan, Australia, Europe, etc

India, Brazil, South Africa, the association of south-east Asian nations (ASEAN), etc


・ There are many universities and scientific research institutes in the world;

・ The globalization degree of iron and steel enterprises is high and the production technology is advanced;

・ The economic development degree is high, so the demand for high-end products is huge..

・ The economic development and the construction of infrastructure speed up, the demand for steel products is more and more enormous;

・ The development of downstream industry is potential;

・ Be rich in human resources, the labor costs is low.

The proposed measures

・ To strengthen the cooperation with local universities, research institutes, forming model of “industry- university-research” cooperation; promptly understand the latest technology trends in the industry, research and develop new materials, new technology, new energy saving measures, etc;

・ Guided by the demands of users, focusing on value creation, provides the high quality product and material solutions, meet customer demand for heterogeneous products.

・ Research on green steel technology, produce high strength, low energy steel products, reduce the threat from substitutes;

・ To cooperate with the downstream industry, research and develop products to adapt the market demand, extend the steel industry chain;

・ Introduce overseas elite, to speed up the international flow of talent, strengthen the cultivation and reserve of the scientific and technological personnel.