Online shopping product value advantage (VA)

Whether shopping in the shopping festival, the core of customer satisfaction is always the value of the product――Online shopping itself brings consumer experience As well as products that meet consumer expectations. So we attribute the customer expectations and virtual community interaction to this indicator.

Logistics and distribution systems (LS)

the trading volume of shopping festival is huge, it need a strong logistics and distribution systems to support., so the customer perceived benefit of logistics is the largest factor impact on satisfaction after shopping. Delivery speed, logistics personnel attitude and so on become the key to affect the degree of satisfaction.

Sales and after-sales service (SS)

This paper focuses on the factors affecting the degree of satisfaction in the latter, and not only the satisfaction of received the product, but also the the use process. Although during the shopping festival, the volume is large, but the probability of the final failure of the transaction is also great. This leads to a large number of negotiations between customers and businesses in the late. The process of negotiations often affect customer satisfaction; On the other hand, if there is a problem of information disclosure, property security and other issues, they will also affect the satisfaction of online shopping.