Direction of Design

in Changed Situation


Zoom-in/out function

through the touch-screen

Ÿ Ability to see wide range of attacks quickly using zoom-function

Ÿ Display detailed information that does not degrade the overall situational awareness when zooming

Switch function/

Simultaneous display function

2D, 2.5D, 3D (dimension)

Ÿ Determine the trajectory of the ballistic missile in 3D as well as 2D

Ÿ Determine efficiencies for various radar screen’s component layout

Rapid and accurate situational awareness

Ÿ Utilization of agronomical symbol for component of radar screen

Ÿ Representation of friendly/enemy/missile/asset with high readability

Ÿ Quick and accurate threat analysis through rapid situational awareness

Expression of intensive information through the large screen

Ÿ Apply high-resolution LCD touch-screen

Ÿ Minimize the time to load information

Ÿ Prevention of essential missing information