Land use/covers


1. Agriculture

Land comprised of cropland and pastureland, orchards, vineyards, nurseries, horticultural areas, sod farms, confined feeding operations, and other agriculture.

2. Barren Land

Consists beaches, bare exposed rock, rockslides, extractive mining, altered lands, transitional areas (sites under construction) and undifferentiated barren lands.

3. Forest

Areas characterized by deciduous forest, coniferous forest, and plantation, mixed forest, bushland/shrub land and severe burned upland vegetation.

4. Urban

Urban areas include residential, commercial and services, industrial and commercial complexes.

5. Water

Areas characterized by streams and canals, natural lakes, artificial lakes, estuaries & other tidal waters, tidal rivers, inland bays and other tidal waters, open tidal bays, dredged lagoon and Atlantic ocean.

6. Wetlands

Include coastal wetlands, interior wetlands and severe burned wetlands.