Power Plants: Less energy required to generate steam; more rapid cooling of steam; less scale and corrosion of pipes and of turbines

HVAC: Less energy required to heat water; more rapid cooling of condensed refrigerant; less scale and corrosion of pipes; less need for chemical additives

Drinking Water and Beverages: Healthier drinking water, other beverages and canned and bottled foods

Outdoor Watering: Watering of gardens, parks, golf courses, swimming pools, etc. Use of water for cleaning. Possibly improved fracking

Water Damage. Reversal of the upward seepage of water into building foundations

Miscellaneous: More efficient mixing of materials into water, including producing cement with higher tensile strength, more even paints. Efficient use of enzymes. Ignited Brown’s gas used for welding, possible reduction of radioactivity decay

Activation of Other Fluids and Delivery to Consumers: Gasoline, diesel, liquid propane, ethanol

Activation of Gases and Delivery to Consumers: Propane, hydrogen, natural gas

Reduced resistance to electrical current. Yet to be proven

Manufacturing of water activating devices, as either containers for water activating compounds or as items to concentrate KELEA for its transfer to nearby fluids

Manufacturing of devices and/or other approaches to support the capacity of individuals to directly attract KELEA into their body