Jul. 2011

Demohour went online. Since then, Dreamore, Tmeng etc. has come to work in succession one after another.

Nov. 2013

During the double eleven Taobao launched their own crowdfunding platform named Amoy Xingyuan. Which mainly uses the star effect and the large number of Taobao users to drive the development of economic.

Apr. 2014

Baidu began to do the crowdfunding experiment.

Jul. 2014

Jingdong began to do the crowdfunding experiment.

Aug. 2014

Zhongchoukongjian launched the easy crowdfunding, which mainly consists of two concepts. One is social crowdfunding, which means that the initiator can promote his project in his social circle (micro-channel, microblogging, QQ, etc). Another one is little crowdfunding, which means the programs needed less money.

Oct. 2014

Nine crowdfunding platforms combined and signed the crowdfunding treaty.

Jun. 2015

The State Council issued “Some opinions about promoting The public entrepreneurship”. In which they express the strong supportive attitude toward the equity crowdfunding.