Mar. 2005

The world’s first P2P microcredit network platform named ZOPA (UK) was established. This is the prototype of borrowing crowdfunding.

Aug. 2006

Michael Sullivan created Fundalog (United States) financing platform on the Internet. And explain the core idea of the platform in his micro-Bo with the word of crowdfunding. It’s the first time to use crowdfunding as a proper noun.

Aug. 2006

The first music-themed crowdfunding website named Sellaband (Netherlands) was found. It is the world’s first successful crowdfunding website. It is also the largest cultural crowdfunding platform currently.

Jan. 2008

IndieGoGo (USA) started to work. It is one of the world’s most successful crowdfunding websites. It is also the world’s largest international crowdfunding platform nowadays.

Apr. 2009

Kickstarter (USA) started to work. It is known as the leader of crowdfunding websites. It’s also the largest crowdfunding platform in the world.

Sept. 2009

FundRazr (Canada) is started. It is the first crowdfunding website to use the Facebook to raise money from public directly.

Apr. 2011

SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro discus the future of the equity crowdfunding ‘s regulation reform in the WSJ. It’s the first time to place some questions about crowdfunding on the agenda.

Apr. 2012

President Obama signed the JOBS Act. Article III provides legal support of crowdfunding ‘s operation and regulatory.

May. 2013

Smart watch manufacturers Pebble financing $1,500 in Kickstarer successfully, which is the highest record.


The European Commission officially announced that they will support the development of crowdfunding in the EU.