Cooperative mechanisms

Content of agricultural cooperation

Mongolia, Russia(2)

And Central Asian countries (5)

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Ÿ Shanghai Cooperation Organization Agricultural Cooperation Agreement between the Governments and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Working Regulations of Permanent Working Groups in 2010;

Ÿ China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor;

Ÿ China-Kazakhstan Bakhty-Bakht green channel of agricultural products, Lianyungang agricultural product logistics depot, Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe international freight trains, China-Kazakhstan Agreement on Cooperative Framework of Energy.

Southeast Asian countries (11)


Ÿ China-ASEAN cooperative platform in 2001 and Agricultural Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding in 2002;

Ÿ Early Harvest Program in 2004 and non-tariff policy on most of the agricultural products from ASEAN;

Ÿ Agricultural cooperation over planting, livestock, aquatic products breeding, agricultural products processing, animal disease prevention and control, rural energy and ecological fields.

South Asian countries


South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Ÿ The association observer in 2005;

Ÿ Bangladesh-China-India-Burma Economic Corridor in 2013;

Ÿ China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in 2013.

Central and East Asian countries


Bucharest Outline

Ÿ China-Central And East European Countries Cooperation Bucharest Outline in 2014, making the cooperative direction and key aspects clear, mainly in agriculture, industry, investment and trade and establishing multi-level exchanges and cooperation platform, including the national presidential level, ministerial level, coordinator level and local governmental level;

Ÿ China and central and eastern European countries Agricultural Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum since 2006;

Ÿ Cooperative communication mechanism with Poland and Hungary.

West Asian and Middle East countries(19)

China-Arabic Countries Cooperative Forum

Ÿ China-Arabic Countries Cooperative Forum and Economic, Trade, Investment and Technological Cooperation Framework in 2004 and ministerial meeting every two years;

Ÿ China-GCC FTA negotiated since 2004