“Confer” strategy



B6. Mr. Brown should ask the mother to meet in person so they can talk about the topic in a calm and polite way.




C1. Mr. Miller should explain to the mother the reasons why he believes the program is so valuable.




D4. Ms. Wilson should explain why she became suspicious about Susan’s work, mentioning her low quiz and test scores.




E6. Mr. Moore should speak to William privately about his rudeness in class.




F2. Ms. Thomas should talk to the students one at a time after class.




G5. Mr. Jackson should talk to the department chair and tell him that he does not feel appreciated.




H7. Ms. Martin should tell the principal that she has been hurt by the public criticism of her work.




I1. Mr. Robinson should break up the fight and then talk to the boys about the problems that result when fights take place in school.




J7. Ms. Young should explain to Dennis that she has made a prior commitment.




K2. Ms. King should talk to Charles.




Items’ Measurement Errors Correlations

J7-B6 −.223

H7-C1 −.175

K2-G5 −.251