1) Gross Income (RB)—production scale indicator

R B = i = 1 n Q * P i n i = 1

=Gross income

=Quantity of the product marketed on the market

=Unit price to producer

=Product marketed on the market ( = 1.2, ..., )

2) Gross Family Margin (MBF)—monetary value available to the family

M B F = R B C V ( C f t f )

=Gross family margin

=Gross income

=Variable Cost

=Cost of the family workforce

3) Self-Consumption (SC)—Goods produced and consumed by the family

A C = i = 1 n Q b c p i * P i n i = 1


=Quantity of self-produced good

=Unit price of the self-produced good

=Items of self-produced goods produced

(=1, 2, ...,)

4) Economic Efficiency Index (EEI)—benefit/cost indicator

I E E = R B / C T

=Economic efficiency index

=Gross income

=Total cost, where >1, the situation is for profit, <1, the situation is detrimental and =1, the situation is equilibrium.

Value of Consumer Goods Purchased in the Market (VBCC)

5) Value of Consumer Goods Purchased in the Market (VBCC)

V B C C = i = 1 n Q b c c * P i i

=Value of consumer goods purchased in the market

=Quantity of purchased good

=Unit price of consumer goods purchased

=Items of consumer goods purchased (=1.2, ..., )

6) Term of Exchange (IT)—RB’s market share index

T I = V B C C / R B

= Term of exchange,

= Value of consumer goods bought in the market

= Gross income

7) The Trash Produced

L P = i = 1 n Q b c c i e m b i

=Amount of waste produced

=Quantity of consumption goods or inputs purchased

=Weight of the packaging of the consumer good or input purchased-items of consumer goods or inputs purchased

(= 1, 2, ...,)