Examples of original quotes extracts1

Amount of students

Increased will to become a teacher

“Courses like this increase my will to become a teacher, [they are] a great encouragement”

“I was not much interested on it [becoming a teacher], after the course I’m thinking about the possibility of teaching at youth and adult education”


Growth on dedication and effort

“I’ve become a better student as the classes went by”

“At this course I put a lot of effort to be a good student”

“[I am] More aware of my difficulties and studying better”


Significant learning

“[the course was] very useful to reflect about mine and my teachers pedagogical practices and to try to find ways to be a better teacher”

“Although I am enrolled at this course for the third time, this time I’ve learned the subject better”


Good and motivational classes

“Classes were super interesting, did not make me feel sleepy (very important!)”

“Classes were fun and challenging”

“It was essential to explore different possibilities of teaching, because, otherwise, classes are like lectures that for students (especially the younger ones) are a torture”


Surprised with the course

“It was surprising, because I expected it [the course] to be boring”

“I was surprised about how much I got involved with the classes”

“I do not like to study Psychology, did not have any good expectation for this course, so I was surprised it was good.”