(Dias & Paiva, 2009)

Documentary source, direct observation and a questionnaire

To describe and analyze how the configuration of professional and managerial skills of nursing students varied before and after they attended two management subjects in the nursing course.

The need to improve pedagogical practices developed at Higher Education Institutions related to that role was observed, as well as the roles of coordinator and director, in view of the (small) changes perceived by students about such roles.

Rev. Min. Enferm


(Benito & Finato, 2010)

Documentary source

Identify the management abilities that subsidize a based formation in knowledge, abilities and attitudes, presented in the Pedagogical Project of a nursing course.

The registers of the Pedagogical Project of this Course, presents a predominance of the dimension knowledge, over the dimensions ability and attitude, showing us that the contents does not reflect yet on the agreement of the Direction and Base Law (Lei de Diretrizes e Bases) praised by the Health department and the Ministry of Education for the nurse formation.

Rev. Eletr. Enf.


(Karadağ et al., 2015)

Instrument of Professional Attitude for Student Nurses

Determine the effect of training and counseling on nursing students’ professional attitudes.

The training and counseling program had a positive influence on the professional attitudes of nursing students.

Journal of professional nursing


(Chaves et al., 2010)

Focal group

Validate the technical skills of nurses in order to provide subsidies for creation of nurse course curriculums for the Nursing School of Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

A competency-based training, student will be better qualified to act in harmony with the demands of society and the market. The Developing Curriculum methodology has allowed the collective participation of teachers, students and nurses of services in the construction of the Educational Project integrating education, work and school.

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