Data collection techniques


Main outcome



(Pijl-Zieber, Barton, Konkin, Awosoga, & Caine, 2015)

Documentary source

Critique the use of competence frameworks in nursing education.

The language of competence is widely utilized in both the regulation of nursing practice and curricular design in nursing education. The notion of competence defines what it means to be a professional, although it is not the only way of describing nursing practice.

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(Fontes et al., 2010)

Likert questionnaire

To investigate the skills, knowledge and abilities of undergraduates to apply the nursing process.

It is concluded that it is necessary to have skills, knowledge, and abilities to apply the steps of the nursing process.

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(Keogh, Fourie, Watson, & Gay, 2015)

Focal group

Involve stakeholders from the health care sector in developing a new curriculum, and after implementing the new curriculum evaluated the process.

The curriculum development process could be a painful process for all concerned, but a strong leadership could cement a feeling of “collegiality” between stakeholders and teaching staff.

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(Tronchin & Melleiro, 2008)

Experience report

Has the purpose of reporting the following prognosticators: planning, decision-taking, supervision, human resource management, material resource management, information.

The student evaluation has promoted responsibility and the commitment of student, seeking solutions to face the problems of teaching and learning, becoming in a participatory process of action- reflection-action, aimed at transforming the construction of knowledge .

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(Farrand, McMullan, Jowett, & Humphreys, 2015)

Self-administered questionnaire

Examine whether the implementation of the competency recommendations has led to improvements in the confidence of nursing students in their clinical skills.

The positive effect that the competency recommendations had upon levels of confidence in nursing practice. The students studying the competency curriculum have higher levels of confidence in all areas of their practice targeted by the competency.

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(Resck & Gomes, 2008)

Focal group

To analyze the requirements and expectations arising from the managerial practices setting against the Pedagogical Project and the strategies favorable or unfavorable to transformative praxis.

Nursing education and praxis must go through the working processes in the scope of care, management, education, and scientific research, building paths for the development of skills, with greater teaching-service interaction, according to the current National Curriculum Guidelines.

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(Lourenção & Benito, 2009)

Documentary source

To identify the integration of managerial skills in nursing education.

This study enabled the reflection on the responsibility of educating competent professionals and make them enter the labor market to perform health management actions.

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