Function name: main GA

Function: Optimized parameter combination


% the ipop array variable represents a population and consists of multiple chromosome individuals and is used to store the chromosomes of the i-th generation population.

% the evals array stores the fitness values of the chromosomes at the corresponding locations in the ipop array.

% uses the inialPops function to create the initial population.

ipop = inialPops( );

% implements genetic manipulation cyclically with a minimum of 50 generations of genetic ma-nipulation.

for i = 1 to 50

for k = 1 to m % m is the number of groups

evals[k] = calculatefitnessvalue(ipop[k]); % calculates the fitness of the corresponding chromosome.

if(evals[k] > { = evals[k]; % records the most adaptive value with the corresponding chromosome.

best.pop = ipop[k]; }

end if


if( >= n) { % n is the preset MAE threshold.

select( ); % select operation.

cross( ); % cross operation.

matation( ); } % variation operation.


stop; % reaches the threshold requirement and stops executing the genetic algorithm.

end if