Perform crane operations Application

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to conduct crane operations, including lifting loads, and positioning and travelling where applicable.

Unit Sector

Plant Operations

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Prepare for crane operations

1.1 Carry out equipment pre-start and start-up checks in line with workplace procedures

1.2 Identify faults or defects and rectify or report within scope of own responsibility and according to workplace procedures

1.3 Inspect and confirm lifting gear is attached according to work requirements, equipment specifications, and workplace procedures

1.4 Confirm the work area is clear and safe prior to commencing work activity

1.5 Confirm ground suitability of work area operating surface for operational use of the crane

1.6 Determine appropriate paths for operating the crane and moving and placing load/s in work area

1.7 Identify hazards and apply risk elimination/control measures

2. Commence crane operations

2.1 Position, stabilise and level crane prior to commencement of lift operations

2.2 Correctly interpret relevant load charts

2.3 Confirm weight of load as being within the lifting capacity and operating radius of the crane

2.4 Configure crane for specified lift

2.5 Prepare loads for lift in accordance with crane limitations and rigging requirements, and according to workplace procedures

2.6 Access crane in accordance with manufacturer specifications and safety regulations

2.7 Crane controls and functions, including manoeuvrability, emergency functions, gear and accessories are checked for serviceability and any faults are rectified or reported

3. Operate crane within operating capacities of equipment to complete work activity

3.1 Perform a test list

3.2 Use crane controls and functions to lift and position loads using techniques suited to equipment capabilities, site and work conditions, and according to workplace procedures

3.3 Monitor and manage equipment performance using indicators and alarms

3.4 Monitor hazards and risks during operations, and ensure safety of self, other personnel, plant and equipment

4. Travel the crane (where relevant to type)

4.1 Plan a firm and level route for the crane travel according to workplace procedures

4.2 Monitor and manage hazards along the route

4.3 Travel the crane in accordance with relevant Standards, manufacturer’s guidelines, engineering specifications and organisational policies and procedures and work requirements

5. Complete crane operations

5.1 Shut down crane using the correct sequence of procedures in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and specifications and site safety procedures

5.2 Park up, secure and carry out post operational inspection of equipment in line with workplace procedures


6. Conduct housekeeping activities

6.1 Clear work area and dispose or recycle materials according to relevant procedures

6.2 Manage and/or report hazards to maintain a safe working environment

6.3 Complete and file required record keeping, and distribute as required

Assessment requirements

Performance Evidence

The candidate must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, including:

· locating and applying required documentation, policies and procedures

· selecting and wearing personal protective equipment required for work activities

· monitoring and managing equipment performance using indicators and alarms

· identifying common equipment faults

· selecting and using required tools and equipment

· inspecting and preparing work area

· using a range of communication techniques and equipment essential to the safe completion of work

· completing out pre-start, start-up checks prior to commencing operations, and shut-down procedures on completion of operations

· positioning, stabilising and levelling crane

· lifting and positioning loads

· travelling cranes where relevant to the crane type

· parking and securing equipment

· cleaning-up of work area

· operating the crane to move a variety of loads including:

· loads of greater than 50% of the Rated Capacity (RC) of the crane with a boom length of extended to at least 50% of the maximum radius

· asymmetric/irregular loads

· loads and positions requiring use of a range of:

· attachments

· boom up and boom down

· luff movements

· outriggers

· slew left and right

· telescope in and out

· trolley in and trolley out

· winch up and down in combination

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge to effectively complete the task outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit. This includes knowledge of:

· relevant recognition, permit, licence or permission to operate within any region, locality, state or territory issued by the government regulatory authority of that jurisdiction

· acting responsibly and understanding consequences of own actions related to crane operations

· policies and procedures relating to own role and responsibility

· relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, policy and national standards likely to impact on the crane operations

· crane terminology

· hoisting terminology, functions and systems

· causes of crane incidents and accidents and their prevention