[1] Purpose of an invention

(the problem)

-want to make the apparatus to carry people for flying in the sky

[2] Formation process of an invention

(A) Conception (proposal of*1)

(i) Mere intuition

-make the apparatus which has the structure like a bird

(ii) Conception based on a principle

-make an object float in the air using the air resistance by propelling it forward

(generate a lifting force for an object using the air resistance caused by propulsion


(B) Embodiment of the conception

(i) Establishment of a model

-install a power device in an object to rotate a propeller, etc., and establish a structure having wings with a specially devised shape

(ii) Experiments, calculations*2

-conduct progressive experiments starting from (a) parts such as propellers and

wings, to (b) a model of the airplane body, and proceeding to (c) a full sized airplane body

-obtain necessary experiment results, calculation results and calculation formulas

(iii) Adjustment of the model

(iv) Completing by repeating (i) to (iii)

-something that is practically applicable/usable