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A quantitative pilot study between 21 nurses

Educational intervention can improve nurses’ awareness of incivility

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A quantitative study in inpatient nurses

Educational workshops that enhanced awareness of lateral violence and improved assertive communication

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A qualitative study describing how knowledge gained from the Problem based learning (PBL)

A PBL scenario was an effective teaching strategy for preparing new graduates to address nurse-to-nurse incivility in the practice setting.

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A randomized controlled trial was performed between 40 nurses

The cognitive rehearsal for workplace bullying improves interpersonal relationships and decreases turnover intention

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A review the use of cognitive rehearsal

Cognitive rehearsal was revisited as a shield for incivility and lateral violence

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A review to state the role of empowerment in improving the clinical environment

Empowerment can contribute positively to improving the environment in which

care is provided

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A predictive, non-experimental study in 394 new graduate nurses

Empowering workplaces contribute to lower mental health symptoms in new graduate nurses, empowerment was significantly negatively correlated with supervisor incivility

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A qualitative study to explore nurses’ experiences of horizontal violence

Nurse managers need to be the culture champions who hold individuals accountable for HV and foster professionalism through their leadership