118 patients

A questionnaire was conducted to evaluate the use of the remote equipment after the initial use and 3 months of use. Qualitative interview of patients’ views on the use of remote devices. Equipped with telemedicine equipment (indicating the patient’s oxygen saturation, blood pressure, body temperature and weight, etc.)

41% of patients (n = 48) completed the questionnaire, and 29 patients were interviewed qualitatively. Most patients were satisfied with the remote device, but some patients believed that they have no support.


60 patients

Patients’ experience of remote devices and their general health were investigated through questionnaires

43 patients felt increased sense of security, 37 patients felt increased sense of control by using the system, 30 patients felt awareness of their symptoms, and 16 felt increased freedom.


20 patients

WeChat platform was used to investigate the changes of patients’ self-measured health before and after using remote devices

Patients’ self-test health awareness was enhanced


8 patients

The change of self-efficacy of patients before and after using remote equipment was investigated by questionnaire.

The self-efficacy of patients with remote devices was significantly enhanced



398 patients

The researchers analyzed topics based on the patients’ posts on the site. And interact with patients.

Online support groups are an important resource for empowerment


100 patients

COPD diagnosis and treatment platform was established based on the website, where patients filled in screening questionnaires and symptoms, and outpatient visits were made to determine their diagnosis and related treatment.

Patients improve the ability of disease awareness and management