Stress Tolerance

Recognised as one of the essential skills for the clinical leaders to possess (primarily when operating), remaining calm and composite is the key to “keep my mind thinking professionally” and also because of the consequences as “(if) I lose my temper patients could be at risk in a matter of seconds.”

Dealing with stressful situations every day when at work (primarily when operating), some participants admit that staying calm and taking a breath is crucial to “give direct instructions”. This, in turn, creates a positive feeling to other colleagues whose actions are reflected by how the clinical leader feels, which can “minimise the probability of something wrong happening” by effective communication.

Being very common in surgery (primarily when operating), one European Senior Consultant reported the necessity to deal with stressful moments by

staying away from the situation for a few seconds, have a quick glass of water, and a big breath helps me to see things from a bigger picture.”

Trying to keep himself composite and not let these moments overwhelm him to avoid the rest of the team feel stressed.