- Deterioration of the work climate

- Staff turnover

- Staff turnover

Chief human resources officer

- Absence or noncompliance to safety standards

- Absenteeism

- Absenteeism rate

- Absence of hygiene rules

- Work- related accidents

- Number of work- related accidents

- Rise of occupational diseases

- Number of cases of occupational diseases

- Deterioration of creditworthiness of a counterparty

- The average settlement period of invoices issued

- Sales manager or commercial director

- Counterparty risks

- Bad loans

- Rate of bad loans

- Risk of depreciation of goods

- Unsold merchandise

- Merchandise inventory turnover

- Financial officer or CFO

- Increase of inventory turnover

- Risk of IT security

- Malicious acts of any third party

- Number of unauthorized access to enterprise IT

IT manager

- Absence of anti-virus software installation

- Percentage of computers fitted with antivirus software

- Risk of unavailability of systems

- Obsolescence of the computer system

- Number of IT system failure

- Downtime of system