Land cover



Land covered with naturally regenerated native tree species with no clearly visible indications of human activities


Artificially established forested area/cultivated land by planting or seeding (Plantation forest, tree farms, woodlots and Tea plantation)

Riverine forest

Forested area adjacent flowing bodies of water such as river, streams and dams


Area within body of land, of variable size, filled with water, localized in a basin, which rivers flow into or out of them.


Land area that is saturated with water either permanent or seasonally


Area of land covered low density trees forming open habitat with plenty of sunlight and limited shade

Wooded rock

Area of land covered with low density trees in a visible exposed mineral rock

Cultivated woodland

Area of land covered with low density and scattered trees with crop cultivation activities


Land area dominated by grasses


Area dominated with bushes and shrubs

Cultivated land

Farm with crops and harvested cropland

Built up land

Man-made infrastructures (roads and buildings) and settlement (cities and villages)