Hurley & Hutchinson (2013).

Aim: highlighting the significance of strengthening leadership capability.

Critical literature review

Transforming the work environment

Effective nurse leadership affects the work environment and its goals

Online database

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Aim: establishing the effectiveness of the CLiAC program

Randomised controlled trial testing

Residential and community aged care sites

Embracing good leadership qualities

Clinical Leadership in Aged Care enhances the manager’s leadership qualities.

Residential and community aged care sites

McCormack et al. (2012).

Aim: highlight similarities and differences between the different leadership models.

Literature review

Appreciating individuals

Management and leadership models and frameworks need to regard personhood.

Online databases

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Aim: to determine if nurse empowerment is correlated with their satisfaction

Systematic review

Promoting staff empowerment

Structural empowerment and psychological empowerment influence nurse satisfaction differently

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